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What should be paid attention to when constructing

by:Shizhan     2020-05-15
Light stage truss is a material used for stage construction in recent years, so what should be paid attention to when setting up the stage. Let us take a look at it today. Light stage truss 1. Pay attention to the theme of the stage Only by understanding the theme of the stage can we understand the layout type of the stage, so that the installation of the stage after the stage is displayed does not affect the overall image of the stage, but echoes the theme. 2. It should pay attention to the requirements of the stage on the stage truss specifications It is very important to clarify the requirements of the lighting stage truss specifications. Only when the lighting stage truss specifications are properly selected for installation, the lighting stage truss can be fully integrated into the overall effect element of the stage to ensure the overall image of the stage. At the same time, only a light stage truss that is reasonably selected for installation will not cause excessive load capacity of the stage, resulting in reduced stage safety. According to the experience of some lighting stage truss installation service providers, the choice of lighting stage truss specifications is closely related to the size, height space, and carrying capacity of the stage. Therefore, we must pay attention to the parameters of the stage before the specifications of the lighting stage truss. 3. Pay attention to ensure that the lighting stage truss installation does not affect the safe stage Safety is very important for each stage, it is related to the lives and property of the audience, actors and field staff. Therefore, the installation of each stage attaches great importance to the safety of the stage. Light stage truss is an important part of the stage. The installation height is higher than the stage. Once there are hidden safety hazards, it will seriously threaten the lives and property safety of the personnel on site. Therefore, when constructing a light stage truss, the safety of the stage must be ensured. 4. We must pay attention to ensure that the lighting stage truss installation does not affect the viewing needs of the audience The stage is set to allow viewers to better watch various programs performed by actors at the top of the program. This requires that the stage is not affected by the audience in the design process. The lighting stage truss is an important part of the stage and must also follow this principle. Therefore, the installation of light stage truss must fully consider the viewing angle of the audience, and cannot affect the audience's viewing needs.
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