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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffold construction plan is the construction of construction workers, the behavior of the standard, is the guarantee of the construction process to build employee safety and health. Scaffold construction materials mainly include scaffolding and safety net. The erection process is common cantilever frame, the main stem base, vertical pole distance, bar set, shears, laying requirements, guardrails, even the wall pieces, enclosed in the body. So what are you know scaffold construction requirements? Steel pipe floor scaffolding 48 mm outside diameter, wall thickness 3. 20 mm, steel strength grade q235 - a。 Profile steel pipe should be flat, smooth, no cracks, no separation, no creasing, identification mark whatever logo, hard to bend. Scaffold before construction, steel tube sample should be sent to the relevant national aptitude test unit for steel pipe bending strength and tensile strength of the mechanical test. As long as the trial function satisfied the design requirements, steel tube talents for construction. 2. Steel pipe scaffold installation project plastic fasteners, should be promoted right jgj22 - purchase often-expensive firmware scales of steel tube feet 85 requirements, the manufacturers supply fasteners production license, can not have crack, air hole, shorten, sand hole, forging defects such as standard steel fasteners should match, and should be doing, everything about the hook on the spot, open when the grip of short distance not less than 5 mm. When steel bolt tightening torque to reach 70 n. M, shall not be damaged. When operating the old fasteners, need to sample of fasteners, to send relevant national qualification inspection unit of the sliding resistance of fastener. Function test as long as satisfied the design requirements, talents for the construction. 3. Frame should be done before setting up nursing, rust and uniform coating, strive to colour environment beautiful. Scaffold pole, guardrails, kicking pole uniform paint for yellow, shear unified support for orange red paint. Row at the bottom of the pole and sweep pole painted red and white. 4. Selects the pedals and pedals to satisfied requirements. 5. Safety net should choose dense type, mesh should be satisfied with 2000 mesh / 100 cm2. Penetrating test cannot penetrate. Flame retardant safety net to hold production license and certificate of quality, and have wenzhou building security dot holed up part of the release permit. 6. Connect wall body parts with steel pipe should be operating, its material should be appropriate to the current national scale carbon steel structure ( GB / T 700) The requirements of Q235A steel. 7. Degree of section steel cantilever choose 16 a channel steel, choose five diagonal. Six Angle steel, 56 * 3 * 6. 0 mm steel pipe. 8. Embedded bolt diameter of 20. 0mm。
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