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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Wheel button scaffolding is often used in the construction of the internal and external frame building, construction convenient height. Wheel button scaffolding a spell demolition urgent, energy saving, structure is brief, the same good, strong commonality, large bearing capacity, safe and efficient, not easy to lose, facilitate rbis, easy to transport, etc. Wheel button scaffolding as outlined in 4000 yuan/ton, price relative to other scaffolding, of course, the price is low, but the capital is dou high strength. In order to reduce the capital, is bound to make maintenance work. Wheel button scaffolding maintenance methods: 1. If there is a rusting environment view the wheel button scaffolding on schedule. Delayed the operation of the wheel button scaffolding to paint will be carried out in any freedom of life, but in the process of transport or operation to prevent the stuttering, there is a big possibility of lacquer layer formation damage and lead to rust. When you encounter this kind of environment to rust removing and touch-up from scratch. 2. Check the wheel button scaffolding accessories in time. Wheel button scaffolding accessories, is actually less effort, and is connected to the scaffolding on the rail set, this can be useful to prevent part away. Prevent the lost, of course, but also cannot prevent roulette open welding problem, so to check in a timely manner, timely repair. 3. To prevent the overload operation. The acquisition when customers need the specifications of the wheel button scaffolding, also out of its bearing capacity, good prior to determine its bearing capacity, no overload operation. More than 3 points for the correct operating round buckle the foundations of the scaffold, suitable for the above three points can be useful to increase operation life and reach the intention of saving money.
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