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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Hainan scaffolding manufacturers custom contact phone number: 18420150310 quality reliable, durable, factory direct sale, a lower cost. Need more about wheel button scaffolding instructions to use to build rental cost benefit calculations of professional knowledge, wheel button scaffolding to purchase in the price of the wheel button scaffolding wall thickness 3 price. 0 mm from the factory is 3600 yuan per ton, wall thickness of 2. 75 mm from the factory is 3650 yuan per ton, wall thickness of 2. Is 3700-75 mm From the factory, 3750 yuan per ton, wall thickness. 3. 5 mm is 3650 yuan per ton. Because each wall thickness of the number of the number of meters, rental fees please consider carefully. Wheel button scaffolding hire benefit analysis: return on investment for a third, 3 years to recover the cost of steel pipe service life of more than 10 years, is one of the best non-profit project, for the standard layer of 3 m, stud the most commonly used 2. 4 m plus jacking, rail is the most commonly used one. 2 meters, if there are 4. 5 m, 4. 2 meters of floor can use 1. 5 meters, 1. 2 meters poling connection, at no cost, round buckle scaffold standard layer 3 1000 square meters to 20 tons, including stud rail jacking, 80000 yuan, 8 - a square 9 yuan, the investment need to be careful, 3 m standard layer need about 20 tons of stud rail is the ratio of 1:2, the relationship between the configuration of a stud two pillars and poling basement bar ratio was 1:3, the relationship between the configuration of a stud three pillars and rental fees for 2. - 1 / m/day 2. 9 points and/or the 100 - meters/day 150 yuan/ton/month or 3. 2 yuan - 4. 5 yuan/ton/day, depending on the different parts of the freight and custom, bridge and tunnel or high-rise buildings. 3 1000 square meters standard layer 20 tons of hainan scaffolding manufacturers custom
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