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Wheel button scaffolding specifications and advantages in itself Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Wheel button scaffolding seemingly combines all the advantages in one, but the existence of the pin this small parts, lead to button scaffold is not so perfect. Round button button scaffolding node structure is reasonable, the vertical shaft axial force, make the scaffolding overall in three-dimensional space structure with high intensity, good overall stability, and it has strong self-locking function, can be useful to progress the whole safe intensity and the safety degree of the scaffold, can better meet the needs of construction safety. 1, the die set is necessary according to the relevant standards and specifications for planning and inspection, shall be experts in accordance with requirements of tall template project argumentation, custom making emergency plan if necessary. 2, wheel button scaffolding, the quality of the component itself: steel pipe used in the vertical rod and bar should not have crack, scarring, layered, dislocation, hard to bend, burr, indentation and deepening of stroke. Steel pipe outside diameter, wall thickness and transverse error; Steel pipe surface corrosion depth; Steel pipe bending deformation should comply with the relevant rules. Stud welding with wheel and rail and plug welding quality meet the requirements of poling roulette welding strength of 60 kn is not damaged, rail welding strength of plug 25 kn is not damaged. 3 on the surface of the bearing strength: whether stud build-up on the ground or has been pouring good floor are calculated to meet the requirements of the strength. If you don't satisfy to adopt method at the bottom for reinforcement. Stud it is necessary to set the base or at the bottom of the plate. 4, it is necessary to tighten rod and bar connection node, stud, authors should accurately in positioning line, all the vertical rod and bar to form a stable overall stress together. 5, round buckle scaffold bracing set-up severely by the fastener scaffold of related requirements. Wheel button scaffolding rail demand made on the wheel support, opposing pole wheel of safe sex demand is higher, therefore, higher requirements for welding skills o. In the process of welding and manual welding simple roulette vacancy in solder joint, and then use the bar in the process of put in; Manual welding uneven solder joints, welding leakage phenomenon is widespread; Manual welding in groups of 2, each root welding steel pipe demand lifting four times, 2 people per lifting pipe component of 20 tons, the intensity of labor is larger. So some round buckle scaffold choose automatic welding machine manufacturer, scaffolding products specification. Round round button button wheel button wheel button
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