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When buying aluminum alloy stage, you need to

by:Shizhan     2020-05-25
??Aluminum alloy stage is a kind of stage form that is very neat and beautiful in appearance, and is relatively reasonable in structural and mechanical design. It can obtain a relatively stable and smooth stage surface after professional assembly, thus Provide a good platform environment for various performance activities. So, when buying aluminum alloy stage, what aspects do we need to look at to ensure the quality of it? Below, I will share with you! First, look at the appearance For the aluminum alloy stage with better quality and lower price, the main material is aluminum alloy, and the weight of this aluminum alloy is relatively light among various metals, but the rigidity is relatively strong, so high-quality aluminum The appearance of the alloy stage is flat, so the truss in the horizontal or vertical direction is parallel, and it will not be bent or trapezoidal. Therefore, you must first observe the appearance when purchasing, the first guarantee is horizontal and vertical, the second guarantees that there is no breakage, and the third guarantees that the finish is high and no stains. Second, look at the connection Because the aluminum alloy stage is a complete body assembled by many components, we must pay attention to the connection between the truss when choosing. The smoothness and firmness of the connection and the tightness of the connection. Ensure that there will be no sloshing and loosening after the connection. Third, look at the weight Because the built aluminum alloy stage needs to carry many heavy objects, including professional lighting background racks, sound equipment, and various performers. Therefore, when choosing an aluminum alloy stage, pay attention to its load-bearing level, and you must choose a stage with a large carrying capacity, so as to effectively ensure the smooth installation of various equipment and ensure the personal safety of the performing staff during the performance .
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