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Which maintenance problems of stage truss cannot

by:Shizhan     2020-05-26
???The stage truss will be very convenient when it is built, not only can be assembled at any time, but also can be disassembled at any time, which makes us more and more widely used while using it. However, the maintenance of the product is also very important in the process of use. So, what are the maintenance issues that cannot be ignored? Aluminum alloy stage manufacturers are here to share with you briefly! 1. The surface of the stage truss needs to be checked frequently, mainly to see if the surface is corroded. If it is a truss without anti-corrosion treatment, after long-term use, wind and rain may cause certain damage to it, and it is prone to rust and other conditions. If you find that the zinc layer has fallen off, you must take measures as soon as possible, that is, apply a layer of anti-rust paint on it to protect it. 2. You also need to check the connection status of the stage truss, so as to ensure the relatively large bearing capacity of the stage truss, and be careful about the dangers caused when it is used because of looseness. 3. The surface of the stage truss must be kept clean, especially when it is used in some acidic environment, and more attention should be paid to it, which will affect its brightness and aesthetics. ?The stage truss fully utilizes the principles of mechanics during the construction process, so the structure is very stable, but we must pay attention to maintenance issues to extend its service life and save costs.
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