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Which portable bleachers company doing OBM?
Compared to companies that offer ODM and OEM services, few companies actually offer OBM services. The original brand manufacturer refers to the portable bleachers company, which retails its own brand portable bleachers and sells its products under its own brand. OBM manufacturers will be responsible for everything, including production and development, supply chain, delivery, and marketing. The completion of the OBM service requires a strong sales network in the global and related channel establishment, which takes a lot of money. With the rapid development of Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd, it has been committed to providing OBM services in the near future.

We have a professional team dedicated to providing and manufacturing high-quality aluminum scaffolding parts. The aluminum scaffolding series is one of the main products of Shizhan Group. Shizhan Group concert stage truss is manufactured in line with industrial standards. Its plug, electric cords, and socket are made complying with the local electricity supply system. Processed by Panasonic welding machines, it has a stronger, more precise weld. The product is thoroughly inspected by the quality check team as per the quality guidelines. Its surface is durable and contains “stain guard” properties.

We pledge that we won't engage in any practices or activities that breach relevant competition or antitrust laws. We will never do something that harms customers and competitors, such as offering inferior or highly over-charged products.
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