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Who know suspended scaffolding and scaffolding to choose what is the difference?

by:Shizhan     2020-08-27

Flying scaffold is connected between two buildings channels such as scaffold; Cantilever scaffold from the door, window, pick out the rails or diagonal pick timbering, set up the rail, laying up scaffolding scaffolding. Suspended scaffolding refers to using wire rope around to metope, in the above table sliding construction scaffolding, used to clear height of more than 3. 6 m roof plate jointing, brush pulp. Pick scaffolding refers to use forms of cantilever erection of scaffolding, basic form has a support bar and pick beam type two kinds. Pick the scaffold is fixed, such as high-level scaffolding generally have to pick a layer up to 78, with points, otherwise the following support can not stand the load; Scaffolding hanging bar for example is a dangling activities. Flying scaffold is dependent on two channels such as scaffold erection of buildings, at the same time, choose the scaffold is a building, attachment overhung the scaffolding safety net, etc. 1, do not need to be ground and solid foundation for the scaffold support, also do not take up construction site; 2, scaffolding discontent, satisfying the security requirements needed for the construction operation and shall be built only height, so that the use of scaffolding quantity increases with increase because of the height of the building; 3, scaffolding and bear the load of passed on cantilever bracket or fittings connected to the of the structure, the strength of this part of the structure to have certain requirements; 4, scaffolding along its outer wall according to the construction progress of the building elevator, can save a lot of material, labor, economic benefit is more remarkable with the increase of the height of the building. Adhesive lifting scaffolding is also called the climbing frame, refers to the various forms of frame structure and other support structure, set up on the rack body or structure of special lifting equipment lifting construction scaffolding.                                

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