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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Construction industry professionals in the majority with young adults, it is the pillar of the family, behind every casualty accident, is the destruction of one or more of the family and forever pain. The cause of the accident is complex, there is a market for environmental reasons, has the enterprise and project management issues, also have factors of workers safety consciousness is not strong. Event review: 12 November morning, shaanxi xianyang a construction site of tower crane suddenly broken, two workers were trapped air, one leg broken by steel plate pressure card on the spot. 12 November 11 46 points, xianyang fire detachment, residents were reported to suddenly said in xianyang high-tech zone xihua road and cedar road cross road near a construction site, someone trapped tower crane. 6 after receiving alarm, rescue workers rushed to the scene found that after a crane split, two workers were trapped in the building site. One of the people were trapped in a 12-story tower crane platform, by asking that the man was severely hurt, has been unable to move. But another person trapped in 18 floors tower crane platform place, left leg was broken plate above the broken. First, rescue workers through the field to build wooden bridge, to 12 layers trapped were rescued. On-site rescue workers noticed, breaking the top of the tower crane, construction site accident tower crane has a secondary collapse may at any time. The scene of the accident is a great potential safety hazard, but considering the workers trapped air injury situation is serious, the fire fighters at the scene of the assessment, the first site to build wooden bridge, after some efforts, the success will be rescued trapped 12 men. And on the 18th floor personnel to rescue trapped, problem again. 。 。 。 。 。 Because the men tower crane steel broken left leg has been accident, limb squeezed inside the tower crane, at this time, there has been a mild coma, unable to effective dialogue with firefighters. So, firefighters fasten safety rope, in the first aid doctors wear a good helmet, fasten the safety rope, will be escorted to the injured, the doctor on-site rescue and assess its condition. Due to tower crane has been broken, firemen carefully, the use of hydraulic expander will be squeezed tower crane open, will eventually be injured from the fracture tower crane. 4, distance received alarm has nearly three hours. Although trapped persons consciousness mild coma right now, but vital signs is good. The firefighters immediately sent to hospital for further treatment. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding, the operation height is 2 48 meters, height is 2 - aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold assignments 60 meters, resistance to corrosion, the advantage of the service life can reach 30 years, without deep maintenance, a modular assembly way, skilled operators are operating, without professional and technical personnel.
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