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Why button scaffolding in construction so popular? - - - - - - Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Button scaffold is one of the scaffold, in the use of scaffold, it has always been popular, so what? Please see below small make up. About the use of button scaffolding, in building industry, more popular is due to the five reasons why. ( 1) High effect on the characteristics of the design has the characteristics of simple, convenient and efficient, stimulate the product in the process of installation disassembly, easier to safe use, greatly improve the disassembling time, also effectively saves more manpower, save more building businesses more manpower and material resources and financial resources. ( 2) Stronger bearing capacity characteristics in the process of plate button scaffolding assembly, implements the axis of vertical rod connected with the socket model, within the framework of the node design, the design of the joint of bending, resistance to learn, and so on, better let the structure stability, thus greatly improve the safety performance of construction support. ( 3) Safety performance outstanding embodiment realizes the full consideration of gravity, so the bidirectional self-locking ability is very outstanding, then there is dish outstanding conductivity of load, it highlights the ability of shear, bending, resistance to ensure that the supporting surface stability. ( 4) Using a combination of longer life design is simple, convenient, stable performance, easy disassembly, so such a design portfolio to product service life is longer. ( 5) Maintenance convenience because a scaffold of packaging standardization, easy disassembling design, simple structure, high product material strength and the stability safety, transportation is convenient, easy to save, is really more economic and environmental protection.
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