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Why domestic scaffolding industry compared with the international giants, Dr Ladder pole plate buckles type aluminum alloy scaffolding - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
High quality single pole plate buckles type aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 in domestic scaffolding company not born a international giants, or even domestic giants, that is not the problem of enterprises, is the scaffolding market environment and the result of the restriction of economic development level, first of all, fortunately, not now, that any enterprise still have a chance to become a 'giant', to see who is the first step. Billions club in the face of international industry giant billions RMB turnover, why is China's largest enterprises in the single digits, even the domestic giant rise? Why restricting factors: scaffolding market development time is short, the industry as a whole is still in the savage growth stage. Domestic large-scale infrastructure construction and urbanization process, no more than 20 years time, is also die set industry development of golden period, a large number of private enterprises in China, a man of insight, dug in the industry won the first bucket of gold. And foreign big companies has developed for decades, even more than 100 years, assets, personnel, customers, the accumulation of brand is need time. Die set domestic enterprises mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, the rise of these business owners have nothing to do with education, has nothing to do with the experience ( Began to have never done) , related to money, related to the rise of construction, finally is to rely on a keen business sense and the growth of the money to bring the snowballing. Now more and more scaffolding leasing, small and medium enterprises in the dark days, that the industry has become saturated and even excess in quantity, industry development stage will face upgrade, began to turn from the quantitative to qualitative changes, will be a challenge at the same time, also welcome opportunity. Dr Ladder factors 2: level of economic development constraints, demographic dividend, the market development initial period, material ownership is king. Crazy twenty years of development, China's demographic dividend peak stage, construction scale explosive growth at the same time, the scaffolding rental shortages, lead to the product quantity is king, quality of product, efficiency, and so on to be outside the scope of enterprises concerned. , the focus has been on the increase supplies ownership of enterprise management, manufacturing enterprises have rise at the same time, most are mill processing, even no formal processing figure, simple and crude imitation, copy. Is the result of a market price drop down again, the quality of the product. Domestic construction enterprise management mode of the same, only ask the price, quality, don't ask or under the drive of common interests, open eyes, close your eyes, cause the deformation of die set market product quality. Obvious example is a bowl of scaffold, if all adhere to the national standard specifications in the initial period of development, improve the product processing precision, now even button scaffold advantage obviously, growth will slow down, after all, market ownership in the bowl? Now larger scaffolding leasing business, stick to the traditional scaffolding market, slow growth, transition plate fastener market and a little loathe to give up, 5 tons in 1 ton, no point of energy, and is unable to decision making. High quality single pole plate buckles type aluminum alloy scaffolding
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