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Why is aluminum light stand more popular than

by:Shizhan     2020-05-19
??In recent years, the application range of aluminum alloy lighting stands has been very extensive, most of them are used for wedding celebrations, exhibitions, stage performances, various ceremonies, etc. Because of its high safety performance, both installation and disassembly are simple and convenient, beautiful appearance, and maintenance in the later stage is also very simple, precisely because of this is so popular. ??Aluminum alloy light frame can be divided into two types of truss from its structure: one is aluminum alloy screw truss, and the other is aluminum alloy bolt truss. According to the current situation, domestic performance companies with aluminum alloy lighting racks generally choose to purchase aluminum alloy screw truss. Especially now that the country pays more and more attention to the cultural cause of performance, the stage truss market continues to develop, and the construction of stage equipment The demand for quickness is getting higher and higher. ??The screw truss is relatively high in labor and cost during installation. It uses all screw structures for assembly, but its structure is very simple and its bearing capacity is better. ??The screw aluminum alloy light frame has a certain influence in the market, and ordinary customers all recognize and accept the structural concept of the screw truss.
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