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Windy weather - effects on the use of scaffolding The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Windy weather big influence on the use of scaffolding? Need to have what? Let's take a look at the real accident. Scaffolding fell on the car, the damage caused by adjacent houses on the street. The scaffolding on Saturday morning from Clive a property along the street side of the street. A Mercedes car still trapped under the scaffold, and the second car nearly knocked over. Fortunately, police said no one was injured in the incident. The accident happened because of the bad weather caused by the strong wind, its not doing even the wall, down the scaffolding. Tianjin city hedong district government official weibo message, on August 29, 2019, 17 about 30 points, when the hedong district of carpet factory road and jute spinning factory road jiaokou energy construction group of China, tianjin electric power construction co. , LTD. Project in dismantling scaffolding, scaffolding fall accident caused by careless operation, killing two killed and two wounded ( 1 of them are in critical heavier) And eight others were slightly injured hospital. District party committee, the district government main leadership and in charge of the leadership and the relevant departments of the first to the scene, carry out emergency treatment and wounded treatment work. Operation under the stormy weather, security measures need to be aware of the following: aluminum alloy tower using high in the sky, the wind of factors play a considerable role, at the right wind environment, pay attention to protect under the condition of safe to work, and when the wind is bigger and the lack of an effective protection under the condition of fixed and stability and the factors of the wind become one of the most dangerous conditions for aluminum tower, must consider the factors and focus on the wind: in wind speed & gt; 7. 7 m per second, stop tower; If the wind speed at 11. 3 m per second, and tied the tower on the buildings; Must be dismantled tower such as 18 m per second. Describe beaufort scale scale wind speed series for every 421 - MPH speed impact protection measures and the wind 29 the wind blowing, leaves, paper can work safety breeze - 530 High winds 640-39 saplings pendulum stop working 50 twigs swaying, telephone voice take measures to protect tower 863 - storm Tough 74 broken twigs, demolition of tower of scaffolding external factors have transverse force, outside wind, power works; The ground: obstacles; The effect of external force. So when the construction personnel to use electric drill construction tools such as drill hole in the wall, the pressure will produce the opposite reaction. So stents to reduce its corresponding use height, insure the safety of high-altitude operators. Aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform for single frame structures, there are 750 mm and 1350 mm wide two specifications, using work mesa height of 12 meters, can be adjusted according to the 46 centimeters per level, with a variety of height adjustment function. Such as more than 12 meters high, need to take the club auxiliary rack or in accordance with the requirements to build more towers combination. Platform to bearing capacity of each pedal is 272 kg, the top of working platform can carry 200 kg / ㎡, tower of capacity ( Including its weight) Is 1000 kg.
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