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Within the lift shaft scaffolding set-up security technology - safety net Yunnan aluminum alloy order - aerial work platform Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Yunnan aluminum alloy aerial work platform customized contact phone number: 184201503101. From the second floor hang nets, up every 10 meters ( Or three layers) Set up a safety net must intact, solid and reliable. 2. La must firm, metope embedded web reinforcement diameter not less than 14, reinforcing steel bar embedment length not less than 30 d. 3. Lift shaft protection safety nets shall not be arbitrarily demolition, to install the elevator erection of scaffolding, each set to safety net height before dismantling. 4. Lift shaft to the scaffolding net set-up, steel tube, fastener poling and rail right-angle fastener connection, buckle fastening torque reaches 4? 5kg. m。 5. Scaffolding all horizontal going a while at both ends and hold tight metope, all round the distance of the transverse stare blankly with metope, balance on the heavy side to 60 cm, the other three sides are 40 cm, away from the wall space should add every other row of steel tube, the spacing should be not more than 20 cm, every other row of reinforced four weeks metope is not more than 20 cm. 6. Scaffolding column spacing is not greater than 1. 8 meters, the row spacing of 1. 8 meters, 20 cm per below floor level and build a row of transverse and transverse spacing for 35 cm, wall-to-wall bamboo basketry, bamboo basketry in 18 # colligation not less than 4 points with twin parallel steel tube bundle is firm. 7. Scaffolding dismantling sequence shall be carried out from top to bottom, remove the pole, bamboo basketry, etc must be properly out of the lift shaft, throw littering is prohibited. 8. The facilities inside the elevator shaft, must be regularly checked by scaffolding maintenance personnel, maintenance, found hidden danger in time to eliminate. 9. Zhang set safety net and dismantle the facilities inside the shaft, the operator must wear a seat belt, hanging point must be safe and reliable. Yunnan aluminum alloy aerial work platform
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