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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Wuhan, about scaffolding specifications tengda security technology research and development company is mainly engaged in products of aluminum alloy scaffolding, button scaffolding, bowls button, fasteners, door, steel pipe scaffold, fiberglass enclosures platform ladder, fiberglass kung fu stool, super day cage ladder, fast loading scaffolding, ladders, handrails stairs, straight ladder safety construction equipment such AS product, all products are after the United States ANSI, surveyor SGS certification, accord with Europe and the United States EN, Australia AS quality certification testing. Unique production technology, professional testing standards, confidential processing formula, let tengda security quality to the next level of science and technology, is the domestic high altitude in a small number of professional equipment manufacturers. Wuhan, about the scaffold construction add fee accounting: super high construction add fee generally in accordance with the building material part of the building area of accounting for the unit with the ㎡. Wuhan, about work greatly reduce scaffolding scaffolding specification environmental limitations. Tower in addition to the single set of independent use, also can connect into large scaffolding structure for building construction use. - Do not use not completely open the ladder. Assemble scouring, less accessories, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, according to the ordinary iron door type frame, can save 70% of the workforce and device removal without anything transportation cost is small, because of its concise, easy to transport, according to the traditional gantry frame, can save 30% of freight with other type welding aluminum frame, across three times its tensile and compressive strength of strong after use, product supply long 10 years warranty strong commonality. Aluminum alloy scaffolding attached armrest, ways, since the lock, safety came. Aluminum alloy scaffolding is one of the modern architecture widely used above construction steel, it is a kind of at home and abroad to attract domestic and foreign advanced joints and fittings of the same kind of foot hand process on the basis of the research and development, in addition to steel pipe sections and bowl of scaffold fittings, mainly can be divided into the bowl, plate, bowl, bar on vertical shaft sleeve, casting Angle, wheel disc, wheel, u-shaped card, right-angle fastener, docking fastener and so on many kinds of accessories. Usually takes on the pick beam or longitudinal beam welding - 150 Φ 200 mm, the diameter of 40 mm Φ 25 mm steel bar, steel pipe or diameter vertical rod set on the outside, and at the same time set up sweeping bar at the bottom of the stud. January 5, about 30 points, 15 PM baden in wuhan urban ecological leisure tourism in great construction collapse of the first phase of development. According to the wuhan city emergency management agency, wuhan jiangxia district tianzi mountain road no. 1, killing 11 workers stranded. On January 6, 6 by January 15, when the city emergency management department, said rescue work has been completed the men, six people were killed and five others are injured, the injured is in a stable condition. A public information, and about the ecological tourism development phase of the project of wuhan about investment co. , LTD. , with a total planning area of about 10000 mu, total construction land of about 6700 mu. 。 Eye, according to the guangdong maotai investment co. , LTD. 100% holding baden in wuhan city investment co. , LTD. , guangdong maotai investment co. , LTD. 100% holding hengda tourism group co. , LTD. Notice said that the implementation of various measures and extreme weather winter construction quality and safety hidden perils in safety work, to focus on the implementation of the key facilities safety protection measures, especially the tower crane, wuhan, safety protection measures about scaffolding and other facilities, and inspection on ties, wind device, prevent 'collapsed, a fall, frostbite, fire, electric shock', such as accident in winter. To do a good job of cooling purposes, not in migrant workers in the dormitory using electric furnace and inferior electrical blanket to keep warm. 。 Windy weather it is forbidden to heavy lifting and high operation, to ensure construction safety. 。 Strengthen the leadership on duty, the succession system, ensure smooth communication, important information report in a timely manner. 。
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