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by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Xinxiang fast loading scaffolding contact telephone: 18420150310 a. Mobile scaffolding operations do not use defective and damaged parts. b。 Please follow the installation sequence and allowable load. c。 Please abide by the attention on the use and construction. d。 Please let all the homework before the mobile scaffolding, operation platform to the ground from the scaffold e. Movement speed is less than zero. 75 m/s, before moving, such as universal wheel by reason of the friction, failed to turn in place, do not forcibly push and pull support wheel caused by f. Should avoid as far as possible to support the level of the sudden shock, impact, each 1 7. 8 mx0。 9 m on homework, load should be less than 200 kg. g。 It is strictly prohibited in the stand outside hanging the weight, prevent stent overturned because of severe eccentric load. h。 After moving in place, should be the wheel brakes on, lock the wheels I. Not on the operation platform set up the ladder. J, should avoid two people at the same time by the side of the ladder from top to bottom, to prevent the scaffold overturned. k。 The universal wheel bearing capacity is 200 kg/a, don't make it due to overload damage. The regulation of castor adjusting screw height should be less than 250 mm. l More than 2 layers, should add stabilizer or fixed with wall body, lest overturned outward. It is strictly prohibited to punching welding was carried out on the scaffolding scaffolding and other damage. m。 Remove the follow from top to bottom, transfer components one by one, in ensuring the scaffold not damaged other tools and methods remove to the ground directly behind of avoid by all means. Mobile scaffolding xinxiang quick scaffolding manufacturer
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