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Xun county construction engineering construction unit commitment - dust pollution prevention Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
I as a __ xun county city PengGai WeiXi community housing project (the construction unit to this project, head of the dust prevention and control work to make the following commitment: a, serious implementation of the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the government and industry, earnestly implement dust management responsibility, comprehensively strengthen the project construction dust control and management. 2, to strengthen the leadership of dust prevention and control of work, establish the project management responsibility system, dust clear, relevant personnel and project leadership responsibility, for the prevention and control of all subcontractors of dust and strict inspection and assessment to ensure that dust implement the task and responsibility. Three, according to the situation of the project the possibility of dust, to organize the formulation of construction dust prevention and control of special plan, reported to the competent construction administrative departments for the record, and seriously organize the implementation. Fourth, sets up the dust control in construction site entrances and exits of the public supervision, indicate the name of the project, the construction unit, construction unit, supervision unit and construction period, the project manager, contact telephone, supervision report, the construction site of the 'three' must be took shifts, 24 hours to accept social supervision. 5, equipped with sprinkler equipment, equipped with the cleaner, specifically responsible for on-site sprinkler dust and dust cleaning garbage, keep the environment clean and tidy. Six, full use of ready-mixed concrete and ready-mixed mortar, put an end to the mix, put an end to all kinds of waste on site. Seven, engineering scaffold outside the lateral federated eye network fully enclosed according to standard requirement, construction waste using water spraying dust cleaning floors, clean up the garbage after use generation or container loading after using vertical lifting mechanical transport ground garbage dumps, on-site construction waste are centralized, closed management. Eight, strict controls, heavy pollution days during the horses on, earthwork excavation and backfill and pickup. Nine, consciously accept the local construction administrative departments and relevant departments of the supervision and inspection, the examination questions, the rectification in place to ensure in the shortest possible time. Ten standards and requirements, strict implementation of dust control work, conscientiously do 7 one hundred percent. 100% is a construction site in accordance with the requirements of standard setting closed in gear, to ensure that wai file closely, strong, beautiful, highly accord with a standard to ask. 2 it is 100% of road pavement with hardening on the construction site, sprinkling water on road dust and cleaning in a timely manner. Three is site entrances 100% vehicles rush sprinkling device installation, the site of vehicle wheel body 100% flushed with clean, make sure not with mud on the road. Four is dismantled and earthwork excavation, garbage handling 100% dust sprinkle water pressure. Fifth, the construction site of earthwork, building garbage and lime, cement, sand and other loose sexual material 100% cover tightly. Six is to entrust pickup (residue in construction site Containing mud) 100% of cars and construction waste is closed ( Enclosed) Type a legit vehicles, ensure no spill along the way. Seven is the construction site dust pollution, pollution index monitoring rate and inward and outward appearance of vehicle wash monitoring rate was 100%. Above commitment, to ensure the full implementation of, if there are any violation, unwilling to accept everything. Promise people place unit ( Official seal) : promise ( Signature) : year month day
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