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by:Shizhan     2020-06-26
Cutting now all kinds of large-scale exhibitions, commercial activities such as all need to use a makeshift stage, a lot of people don't think this kind of assembling stage television fixed stage, opera and so on, actually otherwise, because now the assembling stage are used aluminum alloy truss stage mostly, its stability, robustness as fixed stage, has a high security. In addition, aluminum alloy stage of truss structures, the stage compared with the fixed stage, but also has its unique advantages: first, convenient disassembly, save a space. All kinds of business activities or when there are performances of the demand, the exhibition can create space structures, the stage, the stage can be removed after the activity is, do not take a place. Second, the compressive and reusable. Stage of aluminum alloy truss using aluminum alloy material, such as compressive performance is good, can bear the weight of the live actors, stage after removal can be secondary use. Aluminum alloy truss refers to is made of aluminum alloy materials after welding forming stage, because the other has a high strength, high hardness, and the advantages of beautiful shape, colour and lustre bright-coloured, has become the mainstream of current isolation activity using the product. But many customers will worry when aluminum alloy truss stage of choose and buy aluminum truss stage surface gloss is not strong, don't worry about tube for a long time.
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