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'Zinc plating process' of galvanized truss

by:Shizhan     2020-05-12
In the product lecture yesterday, Jiangsu Shizhan Metal Products briefly described the aluminum alloy of the aluminum alloy truss. Today I will continue to say: galvanized truss! Galvanized round tube truss Galvanized truss: practical value and ornamental value are both from the letter meaning, galvanized truss is a truss product processed by galvanizing process. Most people know and understand what the galvanizing process is, but if the stage truss manufacturer does not make a special introduction, it may lose the manufacturer's face! The following is a brief description of the galvanizing process? Zinc plating refers to the surface treatment technology of plating a layer of zinc on the surface of metals, alloys or other materials to play a role in appearance and rust prevention. The main method used is hot dip galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is developed from an older hot dip method. Since France applied hot dip galvanizing to industry in 1836, it has a history of 170 years. However, the hot-dip galvanizing industry has experienced large-scale development in the past three decades with the rapid development of cold-rolled strip. In humid air, the galvanized layer plays a role in preventing corrosion of the steel substrate, so the quality of its protective performance is very much related to the thickness of the coating. After passivation treatment, dyeing or coating of light protection agent, it can significantly improve its protection and decoration. In fact, with the development of the galvanizing process, the galvanizing process has moved from purely protective purposes to protective-decorative applications. It is not difficult to draw a conclusion: the choice of galvanized truss depends on the galvanizing process, know the thickness of the galvanized layer, and know how long the galvanized galvanized layer is guaranteed. The above problems will be explained in detail in the next product lecture, which is convenient for customers to buy galvanized truss and help customers buy high-quality truss products! Quality is responsible for customers; service is an obligation to customers.
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